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Rodent Professional Control

Insight Services is specialized in using the latest rat monitoring techniques in the most sensitive fields like food factories, IT networks, pharmacies, hospitals, enterprises and residential industries. Rode control in Karachi is not an easy task due to the weather and unregulated open buildings. Insight services not only kills rodents randomly, it also offers a complete rodent control program

Inspection of complete infestation of rodents, identification of external building conditions in relation to rodent access points; suggestions for improvement, such as structural repairs or further action needed etc.

Insight Services provides full sanitation of the rodent manufacturing area.

Insight Services extends full rat proofing areas with various methods (depending on the particular requirement). Our thorough inspections and knowledge of the rat behavior, type and biology help us to identify the exact problem and take the appropriate action. Insight Services has developed as a trustworthy Rodent Control.

Rodent monitoring can become a special challenge in food manufacturing sites or sites connected to any kind of food location. Insight Services accepts this challenge and has demonstrated its success. In order to identify possible points of access, food resources and residences, the whole area is assessed and monitored. Upon inspection of the area, the technician takes appropriate actions and provides a barrier with effective and rapid tools and then places poison and trap as necessary at the right and necessary point.

Baits have been placed at places where human contact is minimum and where rats are most likely to eat and digest medicine, which results in effective rats' control. Rat control medications are shown to be used in the neighborhood for 90% of rodents, since they are not immediately put to death. The rodent runs outdoors after consuming the medicine due to the shocking and loss of vision. The rodent therefore dies outside the premises. This keeps your neighborhood protected against dead bodies that rotate inside.

Technology utilization:
Rodent Repellent Ultrasonic is a unique technology. At a certain frequency, it generates sound that affects the mind of rodents as it cannot accept sound. It keeps rodents from the surrounding area. Ultrasonic devices are very effective in data centers, false ceilings. In particular where rats breed is possible, we recommend an effective ultrasonic repellent.