Commercial Pest Control

Insight Pest Integrated Pest Management specializes in Commercial Pest Control. We are fully committed to providing a high level of service. Working with Insight Pest, you can be sure of a fully professional, efficient and friendly service. We are able to control numerous types of pests including cockroaches, rodents (rats and mice), termites, stored insects pest and flies

To ensure that your premises comply with Health and Safety recommendations you must make sure you maintain adequate pest control.

Whether you have a current pest problem which you need to eradicate or you are looking to maintain a pest-free environment, offer a competitively priced and excellent service. We are able to give advice on best practice when it comes to keeping your premises pest-free. To achieve a pest-free environment for you, Insight Pest concentrate on the denial of access to pests and the maintenance of an environment which discourages the development of infestation. We will advise on the correct number of visits and document all work carried out, providing a system to prove 'due diligence'. (an essential defense against prosecution).